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General Manager's Message

Kenneth J.  Robbins Jr.
Phone: (714) 893-3553

Ken Robbins

Serving as the District’s General Manager, I am accountable to the Board of Directors for the day-to-day operations of the District. The General Manager appoints and provides administrative direction to the District’s Department Heads, and is responsible for ensuring that municipal services are performed to the highest standards in accordance with the Boards policies. As such, the General Manager assists the Board
in the development and formulation of policies, goals and objectives, and keeps them informed of important community issues.

There is a natural evolution in every successful organization.  An organization’s governing body is charged with keeping its finger on the pulse of the organization, ensuring that opportunities are captured and threats adverted. Midway City Sanitary District (MCSD) is an effective, responsive and dynamic organization, and the Board of Directors is pleased with the range of services and programs the District is able to provide to its constituents. Of course, MCSD cannot simply look back at all we have accomplished, but must also respond to a new era and embrace new opportunities. After careful thought and deliberation, MCSD has reached a point in its evolution that demands a response - which means change. The Board’s priority is to maintain MCSD’s high service standards, legislative efforts, regulatory involvement and engagement in day-to-day operations.  What we see on the immediate horizon is the essential rebranding of the District and our constituents from the perception of being polluters and/or dischargers to that of a resource recovery agency that plays a significant role in providing clean energy and renewable resources that our state not only needs but demands.

The goal is to be more proactive than reactive - to equip MCSD to be more aggressive in charting the future of our District.  MCSD has traditionally operated “under the radar screen” for many good reasons but we feel it is time to be more visible and more engaged in all forums which offer us an opportunity to have an impact.  The evolution of MCSD is mirroring the evolution of our constituents who are seizing opportunities to take bold steps in resource recovery.   

Partnership has always been an essential element in making the Midway City Sanitary District a successful organization and an outstanding District to work and live in. I ask that you actively participate in this great District in which you and I live. Volunteer, come to Board meetings, write letters, and let us know about your vision for this District.

Kenneth J. Robbins Jr.
General Manager