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Al P. Krippner

Position: Director
Term: 2016-2020
Email Address:
Board Member Al Krippner

Al P. Krippner has been a Board Director since 2004, having already served as a Planning Commissioner in Westminster for 14 years.

This experience has provided a useful and practical understanding of the many residents’ concerns and requests, especially in the areas of approved land-use and special accommodations to make both residential and business better and more satisfactory for the individual owner.

Al is very familiar with the special circumstances of both Westminster and Midway City, taking into account the separate city and unincorporated area rules and relationships with Orange County and various other Sanitation Districts in the county.

Having attended numerous local workshops and conferences for continual changes throughout California, the Sanitary District has stayed up-to-date with legislative regulations and district practices as these rules have affected Westminster and Midway City.

Originally a Chicago-area homeowner, Al served in local governments for many years, requiring an advanced knowledge of many variations of laws applicable to cities and counties. Al has both an M.B.A. in Business & Human Resources as well as a B.S. in Psychology, both of which have been very useful in the position of Sanitary Board Director.

Al promises to give all property-owners fairness, honesty and reasonable treatment in all matters that come to his attention. He is a very thrifty and cost-conscious representative for all of the citizens of Westminster and Midway City.

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